Purple Rain Donates Soccer Gear to Communities in West Africa

Purple Rain Donates Soccer Gear to Communities in West Africa

Purple Rain Soccer club players, Jessica Lewis and Evie Laney, organized a donation drive for our club.  Both girls are juniors at St Mary’s School and have played Purple Rain soccer since they were in elementary school.  Over the years they had collected a large mass of soccer gear and uniforms that were still in great shape, but no longer fit.  They knew that other girls in the club must be in the same situation; there were a lot of purple uniforms in closets and drawers that could be used by someone else.

They decided to organize a donation drive to collect old uniforms, cleats, shin guards and balls.  They knew that there were players out there who needed the gear, so they did some research and found the organization, Peace Passers.  “Peace Passers achieves its mission by connecting people with plentiful access to gear to places where gear supplies are limited. By connecting equipment donors to other non-profit agencies, faith based ministries, and community organizations soccer reaches people and places that would otherwise not have access to the game.”

Jessica reached out to Peace Passers and then reached out to the club to donate their gear that had been outgrown.  This spring at our Purple Rain Camp and at tryouts, they had collection bins for players to bring donations.  Our families cleaned out their closets and showed their support! We collected 36 pairs of cleats, 17 pairs of shin guards, 9 pairs of goalie gloves, 7 goalie jerseys, 3 balls, 35 pairs of purple socks, 20 white jerseys, 29 purple jerseys, 14 purple/white sleeveless jerseys, 10 pair of white shorts and 19 purple shorts. 

Peace Passers put Jessica in contact with the Southern Eye Institute in Memphis who organizes container shipments from TN to reach communities in Sierra Leone in West Africa.  All of our Purple Rain gear will be used by players in a youth sports clinic in Serabu, Sierra Leone. 

A win-win for all involved!